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Private Sessions

Specializing in Adult and Teen Health, Tavia Serrano treats over 60 clients per month!

Reiki helps with anxiety, pain management, depression, sleep support, illness, accelerates recovery from surgery, migraines, sinus, mental behavior, acute infections, addiction, asthma, stress, trauma, childhood trauma, abuse, fatigue, self confidence... enhances quality of life.

Creator of the "2 Hour Full Body Reiki Session" Includes Chakra Balancing, Crystal Therapy, Aura Cleansing and Aromatherapy with Final one-on-one discussion about your session which includes messages from loved ones who have passed and/or about your current life issues on love, work and health, past, present and future, ending with recommendations for personal healing and after care. Long Distance Sessions also available.
(Please note: Tavia does receive an overwhelming amount of daily calls while she is in session most part of the day, so please allow up to 72hrs for a returned call or text if you have any further questions. 

Don't forget to follow on Instagram for updates, events and inspiration: @ReikiMasterMiami or click here 

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